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Attention anyone please help us shut this company down please report them to the better Business bureau that we could shut this company down Read more

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They are thieves. When you are 3 payments away Westlake financial tell you you are 15 payments away the following weeks Read more

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Never finance through this conpany. It's best to pay a higher interst rate. So I had ACH payments set up and they weren't coming out automatically. I didn't know June's payment didn't come out. My payment is due on the 16th of each month. July 1st they came and repoed my car. Then shipped it to Flint for auction. Now here the 1st fell on a Friday. They're not open on the weekend and Monday was the holiday. So if they give you 3 business days... Read more

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This comapany is the WORST ever . Westlake can go F itself

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This is the worst company you can get financed with. There staff is rude , they have no knowledge of anything, and they have no respect for their customers. My car got repoed in the a.m while i was sleep. They literally drug my car out the drive way. There was tire marks going out the driveway. I called the very next morning to get the steps to recover my car. I then contacted the repo company to get their location to get my belongings out the... Read more

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Yes most of what you said is true they are not in the compassion business. I do have Experience with them I'm on my 2nd vehicle . after paying my loan on time for 3 yrs and paid it off, I went to get 2nd vehicle. this is where I found out they never reported anything at all for 3 yrs! Now I'm on 2nd vehicle and I'm still fighting with them to report the 1st vehicle and now its been another year 4 years they refuse to report ! I have contacted... Read more

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Ive been with westlake since Feb 2014 my vehicle paid off is July 2016 and never once had a bad experience with them, with the assistance of my personal bank who handles my westlake account made it easier with automatically withdrawal each month I don't even worry about it, I have proof of every single payment that went out with my monthly bank statements . Westlake hasn't called me or harassment only had great experience with them when... Read more

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This finance company has got to have the WORST customer service I have ever experience in m life and I am older than dirt! My spouse financed a vehicle with them before we were married and had to use Westlake Financial due to lack of sufficient credit and it was a two and a half year nightmare with them. The Interest alone was the highest that the law allows, the phone agents are "GHE-TOW!" Dozens of hidden charges, a "Balloon" payment that was... Read more

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I have tried all day to get my truck out of the yard. They have told me several different things and I have asked to take to a sup or a manger nobody will listen to me. Now they tell no manger or supervisor is there to help me out please call back tomorrow. I need my fing truck so about my language but I'm pissed. I have been after them since 9 this morning and that's the only truck I have to drive Read more

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West Lake financial is the worst I have ever dealt with please believe people when they say the worst financing company ever truly surprised they're still in business Read more

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